Moody’s Polaris Snowmobile Report 12/28


It’s that time of year again for the Moody’s Polaris snowmobile report. It’s a beautiful ten degree below zero morning. Moody’s graciously gave us this awesome 2018 Polaris XCR 600. You’ll see this sled all over the trails this entire season, and this week we decided to kick of with an area that got so much lake effect snow over the week or so, Valley Snow Travelers. I’m joined here by Rory Nortz, trail coordinator. Nortz had a busy start to the season so far.

“Yes, we’ve been running nonstop since december eighth.  We had a little break when we got the thaw and rain right before Christmas, and uh, the last couple of days we’ve been running
Nonstop, twenty-four hours trying to open all the trails. Basically we cover the central busiest part of tug hill, and we interconnect with five other clubs around between Carthage, missing link, Barnes corners, snow palace, Turin Ridge riders, Southern Tug Hill, and Long Pond snowmobile club.”

“Don’t venture too far off the trails, because if you’re not prepared for it you will be stuck. There is over five or six feet of snow in the woods right now, and it’s going to be very cold temperatures. So be prepared to be cold and if you break down you have to make sure you can get back. So the best thing to say is don’t ride alone,” Nortz said.

Even with harsh conditions this weekend, it’s still a great time to bring the family out.
“Yes, its very good to, there’s lots of stops to warm up, it’s not where you have to ride one hundred miles to get to the next stop. So it’s a great weekend to be out with the family.”

“I like going out with my father, I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid and it definitely is a good bonding relationship between us two. To actually share our passions with each other and make each other happy and that’s my favorite thing about winter. Spending the whole entire weekend with him and doing all the fun stuff that snowmobiling brings to our lives.” said Blake Mahieu, 11 year old rider.

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