Moody’s Polaris Snowmobile Report 1/14


“We’re the Turin Ridge Riders Club, we’ve been around for about 10 years. We’re here promoting groomed snowmobile trails for all to enjoy, thats our motto. We groom approximately thirty six miles of snowmobile trail, seven days a week, covering the areas of Tug Hill, including Turin, Lyons Falls, Highmarket and up to the Tabolts Corners,” said club president, Chris Skipper.
What goes on in a normal day as part of your snowmobile club?
 “Well first of all you may not know this but nearly all of the snowmobile clubs in New York State are 100 percent volunteer, and ours is one of those. We have approximately twenty to twenty five dedicated volunteers and the work that they do ranges from everything starting with managing land owner relationships, preparing our trails in the fall, to grooming every single day. Our groomer runs lasts anywhere from six to twelve hours, depending on how long and how choppy the trails are, and we operate three groomers on a daily basis to keep them flat for the riders,” said Skipper.
So with the trails that you guys have and manage, what kinds of things can you expect if your maybe a first time rider or if you’ve been riding for decades?
“Well the great news about our trail system is that it features all sorts of terrain. You have the flat farm lands down towards Turin and Lyons Falls are some of the twisty trails, to up here on Tug Hill where you have some of our seasonal roads that are a little bit flatter and a little bit straighter that will allow you to open the throttle up a little bit more than you could down some of our lower trails. And the other nice thing about our trail system is that its a very family friendly trail system, you only have to ride five or six miles to find another restaurant or a place you can warm up.”
If someone might want to join your club or just kind of find out a little bit, a little bit more about what you guys are all about, what can they do?
“Best way to find out about our club and join our club is go to Jointrr.Com and then check our facebook out at page at Turin Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club, we also have a website too at turinridgeriders.Com, that’s the best way to find out about the club.”
And what advice do you have for anyone that might be hitting the trials this weekend in just a couple days?
“For anybody that’s going to be hitting the trails this weekend expect that the trails are going to be busy, so ride right, ride respectful and stay between the stakes. We’d like to thank all of our volunteers that help make this snowmobile club possible. But we’d also like to take the time to thank the businesses that support us, and the land owners. A lot of people don’t realize that when they ride across private lands, that the land owners, they open that up for the joy of snowmobiling and support the local economy; without them none of this would be possible.”

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