For those who watch WUTR and WFXV over the air via an antenna, you know that you have had difficulty receiving the stations. That is because we have been broadcasting on reduced power while installing a new transmitter and other vital equipment in order to complete a mandated signal change. We are getting to the end of the mission.

Wednesday we hit a major milestone in that process. The old antenna was removed from the top of our tower on Smith Hill in Deerfield. But, how to you get about an 8,000 pound antenna down from a 400+ foot tower? Very carefully and with a large helicopter!

A tower crew with PCI of Oklahoma went up to the top to prepare to remove the bolts from the tower. A Sikorsky helicopter from Heli Carrier, flying out of Quebec, then went up. PCI crew member Wolfgang went to the top and helped to guide the new antenna into place.

Wolfgang is your enthusiastic host for this amazing video!