Kuyahoora Valley Ambulance Corps Receives Financial Assistance


In recent years, the Kuyahoora Valley Ambulance Corps has struggled financially due to a decline in volunteers and coverage of calls.

In August, the ambulance corp held a town hall meeting for local residents and town supervisors. They proposed a $362,150 budget plan, out of that amount, they’re asking the towns for $160,000. The money would be divided among the six towns, Town of Russia, Town of Deerfield, Town of Norway, Town of Newport, Town of Ohio and Town of Fairfield.

After months of deliberating and meetings with town supervisors and officials, five out of the six towns have agreed to support Kuyahoora Valley Ambulance Corps.

Town of Fairfield was the town that chose not to support the ambulance corps. Henry Crofoot, Town of Fairfield supervisor, tells Eyewitness news that they received the proposed budget plan after they submitted their budgets for the year. Also, it would add a 23% tax increase and they cannot afford it.

The other towns will pay their perspective parts, but the volunteer ambulance corp will be short of about $30,000, which would have came from the Town of Fairfield.

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