Exclusive Poll Results


How New Yorkers Feel About The Outbreak And The Response

Nexstar Media commissioned a survey of New Yorkers to get a feeling on what they feel about the Coronavirus outbreak, how it has impacted them and what the feel about their government’s response. The poll was conducted by Emerson College, asking 1,000 state residents between April 3rd and April 5th.

The survey found that 71% of New Yorkers approve of how Governor Cuomo is handling the state’s response to Coronavirus. 17% said they disapprove and 11% are neutral. The survey also showed that 47% of New Yorkers disapprove of the way President Trump is handling the federal government’s response to COVID-19, 38% approve, and 15% were neutral.

40% of New York residents said that they or a member of their household lost their job due to Coronavirus. Hispanic or Latinos were the most impacted regardless of a job loss. 53% of Hispanic residents, 48% of Asian residents, 42% of Blacks residents and 33% of White residents said they or household members have lost their job during the pandemic. Said that they or a household member lost their job due to the crisis.

57% of New Yorkers are either very or somewhat confident in their local hospital’s ability to respond effectively to an outbreak of COVID-19. 43% said they are not confident. 50% of residents said they support a policy of using hospitals in upstate New York to care for patients from downstate. 21% do not support this and 29% said they are unsure.

New Yorkers are divided about what they’re most worried about during the Coronavirus pandemic. 36% are most worried about losing access to health and emergency services. 34% are worried about a food shortage. 7% worry about losing access to child care and or education. 4% worry about losing access to fuel and 20% are worried about something else.

The survey asked if people were more concerned about their personal health or finances. 78% said their personal health and 22% said their finances.

They were asked what’s the biggest impact due to the state’s isolation policy. 25% said their income, 24% their mental health, 11% said childcare, 9% said their rent or mortgage and 31% said something else.

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