Viral Video: UPD Chief Says to Watch Full Video

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The video is a shorter, more efficient perspective.

A YouTube video involving theUtica Police Department has gone viral and people are looking for answers.

It was first reported onthe Utica Phoenix, a video titled “Utica Police Officers Caught on Tape”shows a 1:40 video clip of what some say appears to be a Utica police officerplanting baggies possibly filled with drugs in a vehicle they pulled over forrunning a stop sign.       

But, police Chief Mark Williamssays the YouTube clip is only a small snippet of what really went down in the 26plus minute video.

What people are seeing inthe YouTube clip is the officer reaching for his back pocket and then placing whatappears to be baggies filled with drugs it into the vehicle.

But, while looking throughthe entire video, the “baggies” in the officer’s pocket appears to beevidence recovered from one of the two suspects during the pat-down.

Chief Williams says whatis being portrayed in the small snippet on YouTube is not a full representationof what took place.

Hesays the officer was sorting the drug evidence in the vehicle.

“Thatone snippet… he has criminal defendants outside the vehicle and he isrecovering drug evidence from each person. There is no reason to plant evidencewhen he already has recovered evidence on video. He has drug evidence from bothdefendants. What he is basically doing is taking the drug evidence from hispocket and he is organizing the drug evidence in the vehicle of what drug evidencebelongs to what defendant,” explained Chief Williams.

The two suspects were charged with criminal possession of asubstance. Chief Williams says the officers found marijuana and zip lockbaggies of crack residue under both seats of the vehicle.

Chief Williams says thehave been investigating this incident for over a month now. He says the UPD isin contact with the FBI and will share their full report with them.

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