Trebilcock says He is Special Messenger from God

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We’re getting closer to learning the fate of accused killerDavid Trebilcock, the Sherrill man accused of stabbing to death hisex-girlfriend’s six-year-old girlfriend.

The defense brought its last witness, a forensicspsychiatrist. After reviewing multiple records, witness statements, and interviews,Dr. Lawrence Farago says he diagnosed Trebilcock with paranoid schizophrenia.

According to testimony, Trebilcock acted alone and had apsychotic irrational motive to kill young Lauren. 

And because there were valid psychotic symptoms before andafter the crime of July 19th, Dr. Farago says he believes Trebilcockdid not know or understand the killing of Lauren was wrong.

Dr. Farago says symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia aredelusions and hallucinations that seem like reality to the sufferer.

“In Mr. Trebilcock’s case, he had a belief initiallythat he was a special messenger for God. That he was doing god’s work. Fromthat perspective those were the laws that he needed to follow and any lawsunder that did not apply and that’s where he placed man’s laws,” says Dr.Farago.

Lauren’s twin sister was in that room the day of the crime.And although Trebilcock says he regrets killing Lauren in front of her twinsister, Dr. Farago says Trebilcock justified his actions because it was God’swill.

The defense rested and closing statements are expected on Tuesday.

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