Palmieri Appoints Curley as Utica’s Corporation Counsel

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Mayor Robert Palmieri will appoint Mark Curley as Utica’sCorporation Counsel.

“He has an extraordinary background and is respectedthroughout the legal and judicial community. Mark is an accomplished court roomlawyer whose skills as a criminal attorney will prove indispensable as myadministration strives to bring transparency and trust back to City Hall,” saidPalmieri.

Curley graduated from law school at the University of Texasat Austin. He is a 1982 graduate of SUNYIT where he developed softwareapplications before getting into law.

“I am sincerely grateful to Mayor Palmieri for showingconfidence in me. I share the Mayor’s absolute commitment to honest, effectivegovernment and I will serve the people of Utica to the best of my ability,”said Curley.

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