Harlem Globetrotter teaches life lessons at Deerfield Elementary

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Harlem Globetrotter teaches life lessons at Deerfield Elementary _6198126843503790631

He’s Firefly Fisher, a Harlem Globetrotter known for his tricks on the court, and a basketball player who also serves as a role model for children.

“That’s what makes it so unique, is that we want to make sure that we put smiles on people’s faces as much as we can,” said Firefly Fisher.

And that is just what the Globetrotter did at Deerfield Elementary School’s gymnasium on Thursday afternoon.

Firefly showed off some moves and taught a few life lessons as well.

“Me going there, I feel like that’s a reward for them, and I’m always willing to help people out. I have to get them to understand, the reason why I’m here today, is because I never stopped working hard,” said Fisher.

Firefly was a surprise guest at the school because student, Jordan Dutcher won a radio contest.

He also brought along The Globetrotter’s “Cheer” for Character program.

Fisher, who struggled as a child growing up says he hopes his motivation can impact children not only at Deerfield, but around the globe.

“I got to connect to the kids early. I feel like if you do it early that eventually, they’ll get it later. Hopefully they can do it better than the Globetrotters. Maybe they can do something better, and that’s the best thing I’m promoting,” he said.

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