Eyewitness News Goes to Washington: Congressman Richard Hanna’s View of America

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“America is an exceptionalcountry it has exceptional values. It’s still the place that more people wouldwant to be more than any other place in the world. And I want it to be likethat again.”

When asked of American exceptionalism,he says we are exceptional, but says it takes work to keep us that way.  Congressman Richard Hanna says that’s whatbrings him to Washington.  As we followedthe Congressman throughout the day, he told us he is worried about the future,otherwise the former contractor says he’s rather be home digging ditches.

“I am concerned about the senseof entitlement the people who aren’t as willing to be responsible for theoutcomes of their lives. If there’s one thing that my parents taught me if thatyou are the sum total of all the decisions you make.”

Although he doesn’t blame people forthis country’s problems, his message to someone who’s unemployed andstruggling, from the government’s point of view – they’re on their own.  “Don’t wait for the government to fixthings… It can’t do the things that it wants to do.”

As we moved into the rotunda, he discusseshis concern about the state of the middle class.  “It’s shrinking but it’s not just shrinkingin population its shrinking in terms of the ability to be who they want to be.Upward mobility is one right I think people should have and when you look atpeople with disappointment a lot of it’s because its gamed they’re not a partof it you don’t have the opportunity to go do what I’ve done.”

And with the dwindling middle class, Hannasays movements such as occupy wall street are born.

“When you have this dichotomy ofextreme wealth and extreme poverty and the middle class shrinking and people’sbelief in upward mobility disappearing what do you expect? Those are theingredients for revolution. Big or small.”

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