Just four years after his departure, the Patriots look nothing like they did with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

In 18 years with Brady as its leading passer, New England never went worse than 9–7. In four Brady-free seasons, the Patriots have gone 7–9, 10–7, 8–9, and are now off to a 1–3 to start 2023.

On Sunday, a (literal, by margin of victory) new low in coach Bill Belichick’s tenure with the team, New England was blown out 38–3 by the Cowboys. On Monday's episode of Let's Go!, Brady's podcast with legendary Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and sportscaster Jim Gray, Brady lent perspective to the Patriots’ defeat.

“It’s tough. I mean, losing in the NFL’s tough,” Brady said. “For me watching a lot of football, every loss hurts. And believe me, if you’re part of a loss you don’t care about anyone else’s losses. You just care about your loss. If you win you look around and go, ‘All right, who else lost?’ So, in every building with a loss, it’s tough. It’s tough because you spent all week preparing and it didn’t go the way you wanted.” 

Former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addressed the team’s blowout loss to the Cowboys, the worst that the team has suffered under coach Bill Belichick.

Brian Fluharty/USA Today network

Those looking for a more extensive New England-centric discussion of the blowout may have been disappointed, but Brady's surprise at the loss appeared evident.

“I just watch [games now],” Brady said. “And it’s a hard thing because some things you just want to pull your hair out and go, ‘What is going on here?’”

The Patriots, in danger of falling out of the postseason race early, are scheduled to host the Saints Sunday afternoon.