No. 11 Providence’s men’s NCAA tournament run came to a quick close on Friday, as the Friars fell to No. 6 Kentucky 61–53. 

It is no surprise that those around the program took the loss pretty hard in the immediate aftermath. While players and coaches pour everything they have into their sport when March Madness comes around, the same goes for others who invest the team, including fans, cheerleaders, members of the band and, of course, the mascot.

The person playing Providence’s Friar Dom was clearly distraught after Friday’s eight-point loss, so much so that they stood facing a wall and, according to radio host Josh Graham of WSJS in North Carolina, stared at it for “close to five minutes.”

That is pretty relatable. Unfortunately for Friar Dom, he is a strong contender for creepiest mascot in all of sports, making this photo look like something out of a Blumhouse horror film.

Even after a win, media members may not want Friar Dom hanging outside of work room for an extended period of time.

Graham’s tweet has been viewed almost 900,000 times as of Saturday afternoon, and everyone seems to be on the same page about the creepiness here.

Here’s to hoping that Friar Dom isn’t out in public if coach Ed Cooley’s reported potential departure for another job materializes.