The NBA's newest tweak to its All-Star format—a draft held immediately before the game itself, rather than days or weeks in advance—may have been the brainchild of one of its greatest players.

After the league announced its change in a release, Nets forward Kevin Durant tweeted, "Heard it here first."

He attached a minute-long clip from a Jan. 27, 2022 episode of The ETCs with Kevin Durant, his podcast with Eddie Gonzalez, in which he outlined his vision for a pregame All-Star draft.

"I love that you pick on TV. I know the idea in everybody’s head is like the schoolyard, but this is about as good as it gets. I love that y’all do that, it’s hilarious," Gonzalez said on the episode.

"It would be fire if we picked right before the game, though," Durant mused.

"That would be crazy," Gonzalez said. The two then visualized what such a draft would look like, each enthusiastic about the idea.

"We're giving the NBA idea for free," Durant remarked prophetically. Thanks to the rule change, his dream will become reality on Feb. 19 in Salt Lake City.