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Things got chippy between Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell and Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks on Thursday night after the two got into an altercation in the third quarter.

The tension began after Brooks bumped into Mitchell as he was driving to the basket before getting knocked to the ground on the shot attempt following a block by Cavs forward Evan Mobley. 

Mitchell grabbed the rebound as Brooks looked around at the officials for a foul while he was on the ground, which then led to a dust-up between the two as the Cavs star was trying to make his way up the floor. A replay showing a different angle of the play appears to show Brooks’s left arm hitting Mitchell below the waist while he was down.

After falling to the floor, Mitchell tossed the ball at Brooks and proceeded to shove him in the chest after the two stood to their feet. The pair crashed to the floor and began shoving each other after Mitchell initially grabbed Brooks, prompting the officials and players from both teams to jump in and attempt to break up the melee. 

At the time of the dust-up, Cleveland led Memphis, 76-81, with 5:48 to play in the quarter.

Following a quick review, both Mitchell and Brooks were ejected from the contest. Prior to exiting, Mitchell, a 2022 All-Star starter, logged six points, four rebounds and three assists while Brooks recorded nine points two rebounds and an assist.