‘Smooth’ transition for Lambert at Cooperstown


John Lambert has fit in seamlessly at Cooperstown.

He’s replaced David Bertram as head coach of the Hawkeyes’ boys basketball team.

“It’s been a fun experience so far,” Lambert said.  “I’ve been apart of the program for almost a decade, so the transition was smooth.  The kids were ready.  I was ready.  I think David was ready to move on to the administration portion of his career.  We’re just out here playing basketball.”

Adjusting has not been an issue for the players.

“All the guys have had him on JV,” Lambert’s son Jack said.  “We have eight seniors on the team and he’s been coaching us since we were in fourth and fifth grade.  We love playing for him and he’s a great coach.”

Cooperstown hasn’t missed a beat in the early part of the season.  They’re currently 7-0 and are ranked No. 3 in Class C.

“We have good chemistry,” Lambert said.  This is a good group.  It’s a team.  We have a philosophy that you work harder for the person next to you than you do for yourself and if that is held true, than we’ll be successful.”

The Hawkeyes have won two sectional titles in the last three years.  The hope is that success will continue.

“We’re going to keep our feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars to see where we can go,” Lambert said.

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