We are only 126 days away from teeing off for the Kitchen Aid Senior PGA Championship at Oak Hill.

If you’ve got the golfing itch now, don’t let the snow on the ground stop you.

Avid Golf on West Ridge Road has four full indoor golf simluators.

They offer lessons, walk in and weekly leagues during the winter, giving you tha chance to play at world class courses without leaving town.

You don’t need to be a PGA Pro or scratch golfer. It’s a laid back atmosphere for players trying to take their game to the next level or the casual golfer just looking to get some swings in and have a beer.

Brian Jacobs, the lead coach of Golf Channel acadmey at Brian Jacobs, says it’s never too early to work on your game.

“I get asked the question a lot. “Well when should I start?” Well, now,” laughed Jacobs

“Why would you wait. ‘Well I’ think I’m going to wait closer to the season. Why? Why wouldn’t you start now and then continue your development. Why would you start March 1st when you can start February 1st or January 1st. Why wait.”

For more information on events, cost and leagues head over to AvidIndoorgolf.com