KOHLER, Wis. (WFRV) — PGA Master Professional Bob Burns has spent decades teaching people how to play golf.  He also spends time fixing clubs, perfecting lofts and lies on the clubs.

Burns said each club is about 4 degrees in loft and 1 degree in lie for players, and since pros hit so many balls, the loft and lie eventually change after about a year.

“Each club needs to be flush to the bottom (of the ground),” he said, “so every ball can be hit in the center of the club face.”

Burns repaired clubs for Steve Stricker when he was a young player and during his early years on tour.

“I remember reshafting a No 2. wood, a brassie MacGregor (for Stricker) in the 90’s, and he’d use it it on par 5’s,” Burns said.  

Stricker grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and married former University of Wisconsin men’s and women’s golf coach Dennis Tiziani’s daughter, Nicki.  Burns said Tiziani used to say ‘Steve will never be pretentious’. 

Burns also explained how Stricker helped Tiger Woods with his putting during the Ryder Cup when they were playing partners.  He also said Striker and fellow Wisconsin native golfer Jerry Kelly host a tournament every year with the proceeds benefiting Wisconsin’s American Legion.

“He’s one of the most honest and humble PGA Tour pros you’ve met in your life,” Burns said.  “He hasn’t let success change him.”