NYSPHSAA Approves 8-Game HS Football Regular Season


From the NYSPHSAA meeting:

“10.08 NYSPHSAA Football Rules: 1. With Section approval a contestant (or team) may participate in no more than ten (10) interschool football contests, inclusive of excluding sectional championships. For those sections involved in the state championship three additional games are permitted for a total of thirteen fourteen (13 14) games for the season: one (1) game for regionals, one (1) game for semifinals, and one (1) game for championships. 


“1. This will create more playing opportunities across the state for our student-athletes with minimal change.

“2. In conjunction with the later starting date, it will allow schools to complete their regular season before weather becomes an issue.

“3. It will allow schools/sections to schedule an (8) game regular season (instead of 7) and still conduct 3 rounds of playoffs. This helps address the concern from some that schedules are playoff driven with little concern for non-playoff teams.

“4. Gives schedulers/schools more flexibility in scheduling traditional rivalries.

“5. This could give programs more flexibility in scheduling alternative games to satisfy competitive balance (safety).

“6. Minimal expansion/impact on the total number of games played.”

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