UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – A conflict that had been raging for weeks within Section III sports has been resolved, as section hockey officials agreed to a proposal by athletic directors and coaches Sunday night that now allows high school hockey games to move forward as originally scheduled. 

Hockey officials and the Section had been at arms over a dispute in pay after period times were extended from 15 to 17 minutes last season, after which officials asked for a raise in pay due to the extra time that they would be working, and that was approved by the Section, game checks went from $94 to $102. While that was happening the Section was also coming to a new four-year agreement with the rest of its sports that gave a $2 raise every year starting at $96 per game and ending at $102, but hockey officials would stay at that $102 that they agreed upon last year, for all four years. They argued that they should also receive the $2 per year raise that would bring them to $110 at the end of the four-year raise period. 

The officials and Section III schools have now agreed to a deal that does not include the raise, but instead gives schools the opportunity to request three officials per game, an increase from the two required last year, providing the 45 Syracuse-area and 20 Utica-area officials more opportunities to take games and earn their game check.