Multiple Videos Surface of McCoy Fight

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As is the case often in 2016… when something bad happens, someone is there with a cell phone recording. 

Three videos have surfaced that seem to strongly involve LeSean McCoy in the fight that happened at Philly’s Recess nightclub in the wee hours Sunday morning. 

Tuesday afternoon, Philadelphia police reportedly turned the case over to the District Attorney. 

Jay Skurski from the Buffalo News tweeted that the DA expected no decision on possible charges by Tuesday night. 

TMZ Sports has the angle that appears to most clearly show McCoy throwing punches at some person on the floor. Though his face is not clearly seen, TMZ takes the video apart to connect McCoy fairly well. 

The website had the first piece of video that made it to social media Monday night. It’s less clear who, specifically is involved, but provides a better view of the melee that took place. 

WPVI in Philadelphia has a third video that does not show the fight, but does have the best picture of McCoy actually in the nightclub. 

The fight began with an argument over a champagne bottle. McCoy and three friends allegedly fought one off-duty police officer four on one, knocked the man to the ground and badly beat him up while he lay on the floor. 

Another officer who was with the initial victim stepped in to break up the fight, but ended up injured himself. He and the initial victim both transported themselves to a hospital for treatment. 

McCoy on Tuesday hired high profile Philadelphia defense attorney James McMahon to represent him. 

The Bills released a statement Monday that they are gathering information. 

Here is the full report from Philadelphia police Monday: 

On Sunday, February 7, 2016, at approximately 2:45am, the Complainants were inside a Nightclub located at 1XX S. 2nd Street. An argument ensued as to the ownership of a bottle of Champaign, which led to pushing and shoving. At this point all below Suspects, engaged in a physical altercation with Complainant#1 who was then punched and knocked to the ground. While on the ground he was punched, kicked and stomped about his body and head multiple times by all four Suspects.  Complainant#2 and security guards intervened and broke up the attack and all parties were ejected from the club. Complainant#1 transported himself to the Hospital where he was treated for a laceration to his right eye, broken nose, broken ribs, and a sprained thumb. Complainant#2, was admitted to the Hospital where he received eight stitches over his left eye and is currently receiving treatment for a possible skull fracture.  The four suspects were subsequently identified through photographs by the complainants and by the security guards. Video surveillance was recovered from the outside of the club which shows both parties being ejected from the club; however, the incident itself wasn’t captured on video.

The investigation is active and ongoing; all updates will be sent upon availability.

Complainant #1:  40yrs old B/M off Duty Philadelphia Police Officer

Complainant #2:  40yrs old B/M, off duty Philadelphia Police Officer.

Suspect #1:  27yrs old B/M

Suspect #2:  30yrs old B/M

Suspect #3:  27yrs old B/M      

Suspect #4:  26yrs old B/M

The complainants in this incident were off duty Philadelphia Police Officers and the Suspect are reported to be members of the National Football League. 

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