SYRACUSE, NY (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) — Follow along with Eyewitness News at the Section III Finals this weekend! Check this story early and often and follow along as the Adirondack Wildcats take on the General Brown Lions from the JMA Wireless Dome on Sunday, November 12! The winner will face the Section IV champion in the regional final next weekend at Vestal High School.

2:09 PM — When the only thing you can say about a game is “Wow,” you know you just watched a classic game. We need to catch our breath after that one! We’ll be back for New Hartford and Indian River in about 45 minutes at the link here. You can also catch the highlights from Sports Director Brennan Miller tomorrow on Eyewitness News at 6, 10 and 11!

Adirondack Captains Tyler Ellinger (55) and Wyatt Kratzenberg (79) hold up their hard-earned sectional banner. (Photo courtesy of Rocco Carbone)

2:08 PM — Aiden McManaman and John Hennessey are named the very deserving MVPs of the C final.

2:03 PM — I think we have a new best game of the weekend (Sorry, Maroon Knights!)… Adirondack wins the Class C Banner, 30-26 in a heart-stopper! Hennessy came up clutch when it counted, and they move on to Vestal. Once again, these two teams came up with an exciting game. Combined margin of victory over the last three games: 13.

2:03 PM — Last General Brown throw is short, but a flag on the play… It’s picked up. THE GAME IS OVER.

2:00 PM — Time out, General Brown, and the Lions fans are not happy. Coach Gary Black is out on the field near the hashmarks arguing. Conversion try is good… Hennessey to Bailey Gleasman. Adirondack 30, General Brown 26 with 18 seconds to go.

2:00 PM — TOUCHDOWN WILDCATS! Hennessey flies over a defender for the five yard score! It’s bedlam on both sides of the Dome!

1:57 PM — Hennessey CONVERTS on the fourth-down scramble! Time out with just 24 seconds left and five yards from bedlam in Boonville!

1:55 PM — Third and nine gains just two, and the ‘Cats take their second time out. Fourth and seven, and this is the game right here. Convert and the visitor’s side will go crazy.

1:54 PM — ‘Cats have all three time outs, but with less than a minute left, they want the coup de grace here. With 44 seconds left, they take one, 17 yards away from the banner.

1:53 PM — After that fumble, the ‘Cats have managed to take it down to the red zone. Can they capitalize?

1:50 PM — ADK nearly fumbles away the game on a big run by Isaac Croneiser. Thankfully for ADK, it rolls out of bounds.

1:48 PM — ADK takes the kickoff down to the 35, where they will take over. Same question to the Wildcats now: Do they have one more score in them?

1:47 PM — TOUCHDOWN LIONS! Aiden McManaman only needs one play, rumbling down the sidelines for 64 yards. Conversion pass is knocked down. General Brown 26, Adirondack 22 with 3:32 left in the game.

1:46 PM — General Brown takes the kickoff to their own 36. Do the Lions have one more score left in them, or will the defense hold?

1:44 PM — They can! TOUCHDOWN WILDCATS! Braden White smashes it in from five yards out. Hennessey’s conversion is short. Adirondack 22, General Brown 20 with 3:52 left in the game.

1:43 PM — Hennessey puts ADK on his back again for 15, and the ‘Cats are on the prowl! This could be the last shot — can they make it?

1:42 PM — Runs of eight and 12 have the Wildcats on the verge of taking the lead again. Can they convert?

1:39 PM — Onside kick rolls out of bounds, and suddenly, the Wildcats have a VERY short field, down only four with time to mount a comeback. They’ll start at the GB 44.

1:38 PM — TOUCHDOWN LIONS! Four straight runs for Thomas and he finishes the job by blasting it in from millimeters out. Conversion run — Thomas’ fifth straight run — is stuffed. General Brown 20, Adirondack 16 with 7:15 to go in the game.

1:36 PM — Two big runs for Thomas brings the ball inside the ten. Can the ADK defense hold?

1:33 PM — HUGE run for Thomas, but there’s a flag on the play… Holding brings it back for the Lions. That one stings.

1:30 PM — Not a single penalty so far in the second half. Both teams have cleaned up pretty well heading out of the locker room.

1:29 PM — We’ve reached the end of the third quarter and this one just got a bit more exciting! Adirondack leads General Brown 16-14. This one’s going to have a wild conclusion… stay tuned!

1:27 PM — TOUCHDOWN WILDCATS! Hennessey finds a hole and runs 19 yards to daylight! That was the spark ADK needed… and he gets his own conversion too! Adirondack 16, General Brown 14 with 16 seconds left in the third quarter. Could this be the dagger, or can General Brown respond?

1:26 PM — Wildcats had bogged down deep in Lions’ territory but White gets a HUGE run for 10 to put them in the red zone with a chance to tie or take the lead.

1:23 PM — A BIG catch by Braden White puts the Wildcats in business at the GB 36.

1:20 PM — Lions only get three yards of offense on their drive, and they will punt. Fair catch is called for and made at the ADK 35, where they will take over, looking for that one opportunity to tie things up.

1:17 PM — That stout defense of the Lions just sacked Hennessey on third down, and the Wildcats are forced to punt. Lions will take over at their own 33.

1:15 PM — Adirondack also hasn’t scored since four seconds into the second quarter. They definitely need to figure out the stout GB defense if they want to claw back a win.

1:14 PM — TOUCHDOWN LIONS! A four-minute drive by GB ends Douglas Jarvie taking the pitch four yards to give the Lions the lead. Conversion run by Thomas is short, but in this close a game, could that be the decider? General Brown 14, Adirondack 8 with 8:16 left in the third quarter.

1:10 PM — Just four plays in, GB is already in the ADK side of the field. Two big rushes by Camden Thomas, including an approximately 20-yarder, put the Lions on the cusp of taking the lead.

1:03 PM — Both teams are now back on the field. The story of the first half was penalties — several drives on both sides were derailed due to flags. Both teams will have to cut those down if they want a sectional banner. Regardless, this game looks to go the way of Frankfort-Schuyler/WCV in the Eight-Man championship Saturday… right down to the wire.

12:50 PM — General Brown will get the ball to start the second half.

12:50 PM — Lions get to about midfield, but that’s about it for the first half. Hennessey has all the points for Adirondack, and we are tied at 8 heading into the locker room. Buckle up, everyone… this looks to be as good as the last two games between these two!

12:45 PM — They can’t… Hennessey’s pass is complete, but Weiler is tackled short of the sticks. Lions take over at their own 16 with less than a minute to go.

12:42 PM — ANOTHER Holding penalty on ADK, this one on Evan Williams, threatens the drive, for the third time this half. Can the ‘Cats bounce back one more time with 1:07 on the clock and staring down 4th and 9?

12:41 PM — This ADK drive has been mostly Braden White continuously pumping his legs for good yardage. Could be a game-changer for the Wildcats.

12:34 PM — The answer to that is: pretty well! Max Weiler takes the kickoff all the way to the General Brown 49 to start the drive.

12:33 PM — TOUCHDOWN LIONS! Camden Thomas slams his way into and out of the line from four yards out. Douglas Jarvie walks in on the conversion. We are tied at 8 with 5:35 left in the first half. Six-minute drive keeps Hennessey on the sidelines. How do the Wildcats respond?

12:31 PM — Lions millimeters outside of the end zone, but a false start penalty might have derailed this drive. Can the Lions bounce back?

12:30 PM — Second pass of the drive for the Lions (against six rushes) has put them in the red zone. The third is well defended by Adirondack’s Braden White, falling incomplete in the end zone.

12:24 PM — General Brown has gotten their legs under them and are in ADK territory in just three rushes.

12:22 PM — This time it’s real… TOUCHDOWN WILDCATS! Hennessey runs it in from six yards out this time. The quarterback takes his own conversion too… Adirondack 8, General Brown 0 with 11:56 to go in the first half.

12:19 PM — We’ve already made it through one quarter of play… that was quick! Despite that, we are scoreless between Adirondack and General Brown. Wildcats are knocking at the door at the General Brown 6.

12:16 PM — TOUCHDOWN WILDCATS! …Or is it? John Hennessey rumbles for an 11-yard TD, but a hurdling call negates it and brings it back to the 19.

12:15 PM — Braden White keeps his feet moving and turns what would have been a five-yard gain into double that. Wildcats back in the red zone.

12:14 PM — Another holding penalty pushes the Wildcats out of the red zone. Can they bounce back again?

12:12 PM — Big 20-yard pass from Hennessey to Weiler, and the Wildcats are knocking on the door again.

12:09 PM — Adirondack is able to return the favor, and the Lions can’t go anywhere. They are forced to punt, and the Wildcats have great field position at the GB 47.

12:08 PM — Wildcats bog down inside the red zone. They try for it on fourth down, and Hennessey lobs a pass incomplete to the corner of the end zone. Lions take over in the shadow of their goalposts.

12:03 PM — Hennessey launches a BOMB that Max Weller just casually catches for approximately 40 yards. Suddenly, after a holding penalty threatened to derail everything, the Wildcats are in Lion territory and driving.

12:01 PM — Braden White kicks things off with a bang with a 20-plus yard run, and we are underway from the Dome!

11:58 AM — General Brown has won the toss and deferred. Adirondack will get the ball to start the Class C Final.

11:57 AM — Another beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, this time by the General Brown pep band. Four great performances in a row at the Dome!

11:45 AM — A little bit more background: this is the third matchup between Adirondack and General Brown in the last two years. The combined margin of victory in the previous games: nine points. What will happen in the rubber match?

11:26 AM — Adirondack is the four seed heading into today’s game. The Wildcats combined with Bishop Ludden for 85 points in a 50-35 first round win before upsetting top-seeded Cazenovia last weekend at SUNY Morrisville. The Lions are the second seed and have scored 35 and 39 in wins over Solvay and Skaneateles en route to the Dome. The Wildcats are looking for a bit of redemption here too, as these two teams also met on October 6, with the Lions giving Adirondack their only loss, 12-6.

11:14 AM — Welcome back everyone! Day two of sectional final action will begin in just a little while. Adirondack takes on General Brown in the C final matinee, while New Hartford will take on Indian River in the B final after that. We will be liveblogging both games here on Also, be sure to join Sports Director Brennan Miller for all the highlights from this weekend’s games on Monday on Eyewitness News at 6, 10 and 11!