Bills announce top pick to have surgery

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The surgery that Shaq Lawson vehemently denied was necessary and Doug Whaley said did not worry him is going to happen Tuesday. 

The Bills made the announcement in a statement Monday that the team is “taking measures to prevent the possibility of Lawson aggravating a pre-existing shoulder condition during the season.”

According to the statement, Lawson had an “occurence of the condition” last week. Lawson could have played through the injury, but the Bills felt surgery was the better course of action. 

Immediately after Lawson was announced as Buffalo’s 1st round pick, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Lawson would need shoulder surgery. 

Schefter’s report gave Lawson a rehab assignment of 4-6 months. The Bills’ statement on Monday said the timetable for rehab was still being established. 

Lawson vehemently denied there was an issue the night of the draft.

“There is no truth to Adam Schefter’s report,” he said. “The report about me having surgery I don’t know where that comes from. I guess he just wanted to put something out there.

Doug Whaley said the Bills medical staff cleared him.

“Now, if something happens, it’s going to happen, but it’s nothing that we’re real worried about or we wouldn’t have taken him,” Whaley said April 28th. “We got complete faith in our medical staff and they signed off on him.”

On Monday, Whaley lauded Lawson for his commitment to the team in choosing the surgery. 

“He’s forsaking personal goals to be 100 percent healthy when we will need him most during the regular season,” Whaley said in the statement. “Fans constantly hear us say that we want players with tremendous character who keep team goals ahead of personal ones and Shaq is a great example of this.”

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