The Canucks envision a bright future for Olli Juolevi in Vancouver.

For now though, the 20-year-old defenseman and former fifth overall pick in the draft is fine tuning his game with the Comets.

“I’ve been a first-round pick for the last two years,” Juolevi said.  “I don’t think there’s that much pressure anymore and I’ve learned to live with that.  I just need to get better everyday.”

Juolevi is still adjusting to his first season of professional hockey in the United States.

“It’s a different kind of hockey,” he said.  “It’s fast paced and I think I’ve been getting more and more used to it.”

Early on, he’s impressed head coach Trent Cull.

“He’s played a lot of minutes,” Cull said.  “He’s done some really good things for us and has shown that he can be a good player, which bodes well for his confidence.”

Through 10 games, Juolevi has scored one goal to go along with five assists.

“The whole organization talks about wanting smart hockey players,” Cull said.  “We want to be a fast moving team, fast moving the puck, fast with our feet and I think Olli fits right into that game style.”