Howard on Zion trip: ‘I don’t want to win like that’


Frank Howard insists he would never intentionally try to trip an opponent.

During Thursday night’s ACC tournament quarterfinal matchup against Duke, Howard was seen attempting to trip Duke star Zion Williamson. 

Williamson had been out since Feb. 20 when he suffered a knee injury against North Carolina.

“I didn’t wait four years to get to this stage to start tripping people,” Howard said.  “If you’re a competitor and you’re a basketball player, it’s war.  I don’t want to win like that, if I have to trip people to try to hurt somebody.  (Zion) is a great kid.  It’s silly to me.  I understand we’re in the era of clicks and everybody has to get clicks, but don’t do that.”

The ACC has yet to comment on any potential discipline.  Syracuse will learn if they earn an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament on Sunday.

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