Foxboro win would cement Process belief

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The Bills have never beaten the Patriots in Foxboro when Tom Brady finishes a game.

On the other hand, the Patriots have never faced Josh Allen.

Even without a playoff spot on the line, Sunday is still a huge opportunity for the long term growth of the Bills to take a big step.

“It will show a lot of these young guys what it takes because, if we (win), that means we’ve played a really good game. We’ve executed,” Lorenzo Alexander said. “We’ve done a lot of the things that Sean (McDermott) preaches day in and day out. It’ll really put some validity to the culture and the scheme and the way we want to win around here.”

Zay Jones the Bills have bigger goals than just winning one game. They want championships, but beating the Patriots in a game New England badly needs can help the Bills reach that championship goal. 

“If you want to compete at a high level, you’ve got to beat the teams that have played at a high level and been so consistent in winning,” Jones said. “Winning that ball game, moving on to next season and the future would definitely help.”

Allen says he never thought he’d get a chance to play against Brady. It’s obvious the rookie is excited for the moment in the sun with a legend, but he’s trying to keep the focus on the real opponent: the Patriots defense. 

“They’re gonna be ready. They seem like they always are. That’s what makes coach Belichick so great,” Allen said. “Their defenses seem to game plan for everybody a little differently. We’ll kinda try to see what they’ll do early on and try to execute and be us.”

Many of the Bills talked about Sunday’s game like it’s just another opportunity to get better. It’s the same as the game before and the game after. 

Eventually, most players admitted it’s not the same. 

“It would be extra special, especially to the city, to be able to go up there and hurt their playoff chances or their division chances,” Alexander said. 

“New England has been dominant for such a long time, so this would be a step in the right direction for our organization to go up there and win and send a statement that we’re here to play,” Pat DiMarco said. 

The Patriots have lost two in a row and seem as vulnerable as ever. On Wednesday, McDermott would not bite on a question as to why he thinks New England is struggling. He called them simply a team that’s won multiple Super Bowls.

“I respect greatness,” McDermott said. “They’ve been to where we’re trying to get to. Until you beat them, they deserve all the credit that they’ve gotten..”

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