SYRACUSE, NY (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) — Follow along with Eyewitness News at the Section III Finals this weekend! Check this story early and often and follow along as the Dolgeville Blue Devils take on the Mount Markham Mustangs from the JMA Wireless Dome on Saturday, November 11! The winner will face Section IV’s Tioga in the regional final next weekend at Vestal High School.

A happy bunch of Blue Devils pose with their 20th Section III championship banner. (Photo courtesy of Rocco Carbone)

5:52 PM — That’s it for this one. We’ll see you in about a half hour with Whitesboro and ESM, at this page here.

5:49 PM — MVPs: Jason Young for Mount Markham, and — obviously — Trevor Borst for Dolgeville.

5:45 PM — That’s all she wrote, fans. That’s tic-tac-toe, three in a row for the Blue Devils! Dolgeville gives first-year head coach Justin Daukontas his first sectional title and their 20th overall with a 32-14 victory over Mount Markham! One more game tonight: the Class A Championship between Whitesboro and ES-M.

5:40 PM — TOUCHDOWN, and Dolgeville will finally be able to celebrate 1:16 from now! Borst rams it in from the two for TD number 5. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty just adds insult to injury for the Mustangs. Conversion is FINALLY GOOD on a pass from Mosher (Brett) to Mosher (Cade)! Dolgeville 32, Mount Markham 14 with 1:16 left to go in the game.

5:36 PM — Blue Devils seem content to just run out the clock with three minutes left. Mustangs need a stop, but unfortunately, they may just be out of gas. A very good run by a very good Mount Markham team, if this holds.

5:33 PM — Borst has gotten Dolgeville from their own 30 to the Mustang 40 (or close to it) in just four plays. After the fifth, he was on his back, exhausted. This game has been almost all Borst, and the Devils have him to thank for bringing them to the brink of Sectional Championship #20.

5:31 PM — The Mustangs attempt the onside kick… and it’s whistled down immediately. Illegal Procedure. So they try the long kick, which Borst takes to the 30. Devils will once again try to put away the Mustangs with less than eight minutes left.

5:27 PM — TOUCHDOWN Mustangs! Christian Jones hauls in the pass from five yards out. The conversion is good at first, but a block below the waist flag negates it. They go for the 35-yard kick, and it’s good! Dolgeville 24, Mount Markham 14 with 8 minutes even remaining in the game.

5:22 PM — Jamison Young runs for a 32 yard gain, and there may still be life in the Mustangs yet! They’re knocking on the door at the 9-yard-line. An injury has stopped the game, but the Mustangs may be ready for a comeback.

5:16 PM — TOUCHDOWN, and that might be the dagger! Borst with his fourth touchdown of the night, rumbling from 54 yards out, and once again, the conversion is no good. Dolgeville 24, Mount Markham 7 with 11:06 left in the game.

5:11 PM — As quickly as the third quarter began, we’re at the end of it! No one can find the end zone in the quarter, though the Devils came the closest. One quarter to go, and our score: Dolgeville 18, Mount Markham 7.

5:08 PM — An eight-yard sack, a fumble and an incomplete pass (that looked like a lateral from the stands) follow the interception, and Mount Markham is forced to punt.

5:06 PM — Mosher can’t handle the snap and suddenly, it’s third down deep in Mustang territory. Mosher follows up with an INTERCEPTION by Evan Kocienda, and the Mustangs now have a chance!

5:04 PM — Dolgeville has yet to give up the ball from the opening kickoff, taking 7 minutes off the clock so far in the third, thanks to chunks of yardage from Borst and Eggleston. Mustangs need a stop near the red zone if they are to mount a comeback.

4:56 PM — Dolgeville is continuing with a steady diet of rushes from Borst and Eggleston. It’s up to the Mustang defense to make a stand here if they don’t want the game to get out of control.

4:49 PM — The teams are coming out of the locker room after the break. Dolgeville will start the second half with the ball after deferring on the coin toss.

4:36 PM — Trevor Borst already has three touchdowns in the first half, but the Mustangs’ defense has certainly kept them in this Section III Class D Championship. A kneeldown by Dolgeville after a punt with just a few seconds left, and we are at HALFTIME. The Blue Devils lead Mount Markham, 18-7 heading into the locker room.

4:30 PM — Borst shakes off the big hit and rumbles for a huge TOUCHDOWN. Conversion pass is no good again. Dolgeville 18, Mount Markham 7, 1:38 left in the first half.

4:29 PM — Big hit by Christian Jones on Borst, and he gets injured by his own tackle. Thankfully, he’s able to get up under his own power.

4:24 PM — The Devils might have been pinned back deep on fourth down, had it not been for a late hit out of bounds by the Mustangs! They now have it first and ten in the red zone. Can Dolgeville take advantage of the flag?

4:19 PM — Bryce Mosher, Grayson Eggleston, and Borst all have carries on the current drive for Dolgeville. It seems to be working, as the Devils continue to grab big chunks of yardage en route to pulling away on the scoreboard just a bit.

4:16 PM — Devils defense holds! They’re able to sack Eli Pasquale to turn it over on downs. Good bounce-back after giving up that huge pass to Jones.

4:13 PM — BIG PASS to Christian Jones takes the Mustangs all the way down to the Dolgeville 18, and they have another chance to score. Dolgeville takes a time-out to calm down a little.

4:10 PM — TOUCHDOWN. Borst rumbles right up the middle and the Blue Devils have the lead again. Two-point conversion pass is too high, so the score is now Dolgeville 12, Mount Markham 7 with 10:33 left in the first half.

4:07 PM — We are through one quarter in Syracuse, and this one looks to be as exciting as the Eight-Man Championship! Score: Mount Markham 7, Dolgeville 6, but the Blue Devils are in prime position to score again from the Mount Markham 6.

4:04 PM — Mosher with a 39-yard run… Borst isn’t the only one with speed in the Dolgeville running game! Blue Devils are in the red zone with a chance to take the lead.

3:59 PM — They do! Jamison Young runs inside and outside again past every single Blue Devil for a 35-yard TD. Kick is good, and Mount Markham has the lead. Mount Markham 7, Dolgeville 6, 3:17 left in the first quarter.

3:58 PM — Big inside-outside run by Jones puts the Mustangs in Dolgeville territory. Can they capitalize this time?

3:53 PM — Mount Markham can only manage four plays before a punt. They’re able to return the favor, though, as they manage to bottle up Trevor Borst handily and force a punt of their own.

3:47 PM — Trevor Borst finishes the job with a 14-yard rumble. 4 plays, 71 yard drive. Can’t get the conversion run though. Dolgeville 6, Mount Markham 0, 8:48 left in the first quarter.

3:46 PM — BIG PASS from Cade Mosher to Christian Corso for a 43-yard gain, and Dolgeville is knocking on the door already.

3:44 PM — Big pass from the Mustangs, but they FUMBLE. Dolgeville is all over it, and will start from their own 29.

3:40 PM — Dolgeville has won the toss. They deferred. Mount Markham will get the ball to start today’s game.

3:35 PM — Starting a little late after the 8-Man game went to Overtime. But both teams come in looking to unseat the other. Dolgeville is looking for its 20th sectional title and its first under rookie head coach Justin Daukontas. They’re also on a seven-game winning streak after starting 0-2.