Durr begins new chapter as Jugglers assistant


Emily Durr is back at Notre Dame.

The former Jugglers basketball star has joined head coach Olivia Tooley’s staff as an assistant coach for the 2018-19 season.

“I had so many great memories in high school,” Durr said.  “I can’t believe four years have gone by, but I’m so excited to help the future generations and continue the success of the program.”

Durr wrapped up her Division 1 playing career at Iowa State earlier this year and is in the process of transitioning to life on the sidelines.

“You definitely have to get used to not playing,” she said.  “There are a lot of little things I pick on with these girls and I’m not very picky when it comes to me.  I hated when coaches picked on me.”

It’s a style Durr now embraces as a coach.

“If I see you dodging a drill or not going as hard as I think you can go, then I’m going to get on you,” she said.  “I’m going to push you.”

Throughout her time in college, Durr and Tooley developed a relationship that helped lead her back to her alma mater.

“(Emily) brings something different to the table than I can,” Tooley said.  “She’s all about female athletics at Notre Dame and is a huge part of the history and tradition here.  I’m really happy to have her.”

In her final season in 2014, Durr led the Jugglers to a state championship, feats that haven’t gone unnoticed with this year’s team.

“It’s amazing that we could have her on our coaching staff,” senior Emma Sehring said.  “She’s teaching us new drills and new plays.  It’s a big help to us.”

Durr has taken a lot of lessons from her father Mike Durr, who coached the Notre Dame boys basketball team for over two decades.

“He was tough on his guys,” Durr said.  “I think I’m a chip off the old block.  I’m tough on these girls.  I’m not going to be their best friend.  I’m their coach.  I may be young, but there’s still different perspectives and I want them to do the best they can.”

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