Cull, Comets vow to ‘find a way’


Winning streaks have been too few and far between for the Comets this season.

After winning three straight games from Oct. 13 through the 21st, the Comets hadn’t won back-to-back games until this past weekend when they swept a pair of contests over the Rocket.

“Our guys played well,” head coach Trent Cull said.  “We liked the brand of hockey we played for those two days and found a team that was going through some injury and some call up issues, so it was nice to take advantage of the opportunity.”

That opportunity was almost wasted last Saturday when after leading 1-0 in the third period, the Comets allowed two goals in just seven seconds.

“It would have been really easy for us to curl up into a ball and feel sorry for ourselves,” Thatcher Demko said.  “Our know guys continued to compete.”

One player in particular who didn’t give up was Reid Boucher, who tied the game with 42 seconds remaining.

“I was pretty fired up,” Demko said.  We’ve been fighting to get wins for the last 2-3 weeks.  The whole bench was going pretty nuts when Boucher scored.”

The Comets went on to win the game in a shootout, but now have to find a way to keep up their winning ways without leading scorer Nikolay Goldobin as well as a rash of injuries.

“We’ve pretty much gone through the whole depth of the organization,” Cull said. “I don’t think at this point anyone who’s under contract who hasn’t played for us. We’re going to have nights where we’re going to be on and and others where we’re off.  We’re a different team than we were at the start of the year and we have to find a way to not make excuses and to keep picking up points.”

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