Cooperstown talks ‘crazy’ comeback


Cooperstown was able to keep their season alive thanks to a stunning back against Tioga in the Class A Regionals.

The Hawkeyes rallied for four runs in the top of the seventh inning to beat Tioga 8-7 and advance to the Final Four for the second time in the last three years.

“It was pretty crazy,” Sam Bonderoff said. “At one point, I was in a 3-2 count with two outs and your heart starts racing. I just remind myself to take a deep breath, step into the box and wait for a good pitch. I got on base and the other guys put the ball in play.”

Despite the daunting task in front of them, head coach Frank Miosek wasn’t surprised to see his Hawkeyes continue to fight.

“It looked pretty monumental when it first happened,” Miosek said. “When the boys came in from the outfield before the inning, and there was no doubt in their minds they were going to compete. It gave us a positive mindset that there was a chance for the miracle to be pulled off.”

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