BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – As the Buffalo Bills prepare to host the Miami Dolphins on Saturday, they do so knowing they will clinch a playoff spot with a victory.

Clinching their third straight AFC East title remains at least another week away, however.

Here’s a look at the Bills’ clinching scenarios heading into Week 15, via the NFL.

How the Bills can clinch a playoff spot

Bills (10-3) vs Dolphins (8-5), 8:15 p.m. Saturday, NFL Network

Buffalo clinches a playoff berth with:

1) BUF win
2) BUF tie + LAC loss
3) BUF tie + NYJ loss + NE loss
4) BUF tie + NYJ loss + NE tie + LAC tie

Of the four ways the Bills can lock up a playoff spot, beating Miami is the simplest. This would mark the third time in franchise history that the team made the playoffs four consecutive seasons (1988-93 and 1963-66).

How the Bills can clinch the AFC East title

This is not on the table this week, but the Bills are close to locking up their third consecutive division title.

The simplest path to clinching is for the Bills to beat the Dolphins and then win one of their last three games. If they get to 12 wins while beating Miami this week, they can’t be passed in the AFC East.

Many more scenarios will develop following this week’s action.

How the Bills can clinch the AFC’s #1 seed and home-field advantage

The Bills currently hold the AFC’s #1 seed. They have the same record as the Chiefs, but won the head-to-head matchup earlier this season.

At this point, the only way for the Bills to mathematically clinch a first-round bye is to win all the rest of their games. If the Chiefs happen to lose one of their final four games (at Houston, vs. Seattle, vs. Denver, at Las Vegas), the Bills’ clinching scenario could change.