Boilermaker: The Health and Fitness Expo

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When Earle Reed createdthe Boilermaker to celebrate Utica Boilers, the race wasn’t what it is today.The post-race party was in a different location, the community involvement wasn’tas great and there was no Expo. Thirty-five years later and the Expo is slowlybecoming as popular as the actually race. Tim Reed Executive Director of theBoilermaker says,”Well you know this is really our big gift to the community, you know oneof the things we tell people is you don’t have to be a runner to enjoy it. Soif you want to come down and get some Chobani yogurt or see Leon Etienne orRobert Channing for magic or the induction ceremony there’s a lot of stuff hereso you don’t just have to be a runner to enjoy. So hopefully not only are wethe best race in the community we’re also the best community event.”

            Vendors ranging from athletic gear to health care to foodall get the opportunity to reach out to people across the country. Jean O’Toolefrom the Beef Council says, “We really love being part of it, webrought the health into the health and fitness expo by bringing the beef upyour health area. We’re excited to be here to influence people that beef isgood for you, its fuel for the finish.”

            Friday kicks off the festivities and the traditions forveterans resume where they left off from last year. But no matter rookie or prothe expo is an experience all in its own. Maine resident and first timeBoilermaker participant Ron Burnham says, “This is just top notchstuff right here, it’s just incredible the amount of people and all theinformative information we get. I got free taping; you know I didn’t know Icould get free taping so yeah it’s great, really good.” Richfield Springsresident and 11 year Boilermaker runner Bill Kosina says, “I like the factthat various components are in different buildings so you have the opportunityto take care of increment weather because two years ago was just horrific withthe downpours so you can move everything throughout the buildings and I thinkoverall it’s a great move.”

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