Boilermaker Runners Gear Up for the Big Day


‘Tis the season forBoilermaker!  Eyewitness News spoke torunners training at the Roadrunners Developmental Run about these next fewweeks leading up to the race.  With just16 days until the race runners are eager to hit the start lien and participatein one of the largest 15-Ks in the country.

“Whether you’re a competitiverunner or a recreational runner you’re still building up to this race and lookingforward to doing your best,” said Jack Bernard of Boonville, New York.

“My goal this year is to actuallyknock 10 to 15 minutes off my time so, I’ve been training big time for thisyear,” says Dale Seaton.

Besides the training, which for someis a year-round commitment, runners are also looking forward to being part ofthe rich Boilermaker tradition. Participants also have their favorite parts of the day that keeps themcoming back and running each year.
“Really, just the excitement of the crowd, justseeing all of the energy, I hear there’s a lot of energy, and hopefully I can feedoff of some of that energy,” said Ken Hills who will be running in his firstBoilermaker race.

“I love coming out of the parkway and getting thempopsicles, that is just like the best thing ever,” says Sandy Arcuri.

“Without a doubt, the crowd, you know, just having agood time, just enjoying the music, the crowd,” Susan Luker says whendescribing her favorite part of the race.

“I like the party, that brought us back a few yearsago,” said Tim Kane.

There is of course, one part of the race that almost allrunners can agree is one of the best parts, the finish line.

“And obviously the finish because alot of my family stands around mile nine and it’s downhill the last pointthree,” says Maria Rabbia.

So, whether it’s the fans,popsicles, the after party, the personal challenge or of course, crossing thatfinish line, the Boilermaker runners have a lot to look forward to these next16 days.

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