Boilermaker: Robert Bluey

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Three yearsbefore The Boilermaker kicked off, Robert Bluey picked up running. It allstarted with the Turkey Trot in New York Mills. Bluey completed the mile runbut says at the finish had to throw up. But Robert says it was that run thatgave him “the bug” and years later he signed up for the very first Boilermaker.Bluey says, “But even at that time to have 800 people in arace seemed like, wow this is a lot of people, wehre did they all come from yaknow. And I can remember seeing people with jersey’s from Buffalo, Albany,Syracuse.”

Over the years,Bluey admits the race has grown for better and worse but one of the main thingsthat keeps him coming back (aside from the free beer) are the spectators. “Eventhe very first year there were a lot spectators out. The spectators are whatmakes the race for the runners. Those of us that have run them all probablywould’ve quit before this if it wasn’t for the spectators.”

Robert says TheBoilermaker stands out to him because runners get the unique experience ofrunning with some of the best in the world. “I could never go toYankee Stadium and play with Derek Jeter. But in running I can run with theworld’s best, ya know, they show up here for this race and we run with theabsolute world’s best runners.”

But when Blueythinks of the boilermaker two words come to mind. “It’s fun it’smy family, ah, getting together that weekend and seeing friends and family thatI may only see once year.”

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