Boilermaker: A Yearly Tradition for a Select Group


“Literally they’ve seen it all” says The Boilermaker’s Executive Director Tim Reed. There are many types of traditions…There’s family traditions, there religious traditions and athletic traditions…For some running the boilermaker is all three. And in this 35 year history of this raceonly 14 have run every one…But tonight was the first time a majority of themwere in the same room outside of that second Sunday in July.Perennial Runner Paul Ohlbaum says, “I love to run and I run almost every day and I’ve meet a lot of people. One of the greatest things about running is the people I’ve met. Everybody is so friendly, sonice.”Boilermaker perennial runner Larry Dicesre of Sauquoit says, “It’s nice to be part of group like this where you really support each other. You know I see people like Paul Ohlbaum and I cheer him on and they cheer me on and maybe if that didn’t happen I might say, well I’m not so sure I might do itnext year. When you come to something like this it’s like yeah I’m going to keep this going.”For many, running becomes a habit, a daily routine. For 35 years a group of 14 people have had the same ritual every Boilermaker Sunday. And it’s that ritual brings this elite group together.Yorkville’s Robert Bluey says, “As the time grows shorter, the more excited you get for the race. I just love being around other people with the same ilk.”Perennial runner Gordon “Butch” Custodero says, “Right now I’m married to it. If I hadn’t run them all I don’t know if I would run sometimes because of a couple of minor injuries. But once you’ve done them all you feel like you have to keep going until you can’t.”

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