Allen excites Bills again, even in loss

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Lorenzo Alexander summed up Josh Allen very nicely: “Playmaker.”

The rookie made plenty on Sunday. He broke his own team record for quarterback rushing yards with 135. He threw two touchdown passes in a game for the first time in his career. He nearly led the Bills on a game winning, come from behind two minute drill. 

The Bills have rarely felt so good about a loss. 

“The guys is a competitor, man. He’s a competitive sucker,” Sean McDermott said. “I’ll take him on my team any day. That was a great performance.”

To illustrate the confidence developing in Allen, the Bills moved the ball 181 yards on their last three drives. Of the 21 plays on those possessions, Allen touched the ball on 18. 

“He’s a bad boy. For him to be so young and taking control, throwing the ball, running the ball… he wants that moment of greatness,” LeSean McCoy said. “It’s scary to see him grow into the type of player he can be.”

McCoy added that he was happy to see Allen starting to slide more. They apparently had a “fight” last week about Allen’s propensity to spin and stiff arm for every yard. The Bills clearly need him healthy. 

“The sky is the limit. The kid is hungry. Loves to learn. I think having some veterans in here now has really helped him as well,” Alexander said. “People are starting to notice that he can play this game at a high level and he’s going to be here for a long time.”

There is video on social media of Jerry Hughes, apparently, screaming at the referees. He refused to acknowledge the incident. 

“If I did go up to an official, what did I say?” Hughes challenged a reporter, who answered by saying he had video of Hughes screaming an obscenity at the official. “I would love to see the video,” Hughes answered.  

Hughes was then asked if he was saying the incident did not happen that way and he answered, “Right.”

It was curious, to say the least. It’s also possible the league may look into it. 

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