CENTRAL NEW YORK (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Here in CNY we’ve seen some pretty chilly days following the start of the new year. Since January 1st, we’ve had 9 days getting down into the single digits and of those 9, 5 days saw temperatures below zero. We can expect to see more days like that with cold temperatures in the forecast. The CPC has us in a 70-80% chance of seeing below-average temperatures for the next 6-10 days.

The probability does weaken to a 50-60% chance two weeks from now though we can still expect to see colder than average temperatures throughout this period as well.

It isn’t until next month that we can expect to see temperatures break out of this cold pattern and return to normal.

In terms of precipitation, we are leaning towards seeing below-normal rain and snowfall for the next 6-10 days with a 33-40% chance. The 8-14 day outlook has us in a more likely spot to see below-normal rain and snowfall with a 40-50% chance.

By the end of the month however, the CPC has us shift into a 50-55% chance of seeing above-average rain and snowfall.