What’s a ‘Rex Block’ and why does it matter?

Science & Technology

(WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Although we’ve seen rain showers and colder temperatures these past few days, some drier and warmer days are not far away! That’s because of a weather pattern known as a Rex Block that will be setting up over the east coast later this week.

This pattern has a high pressure system just to the north of a low pressure system. The two of them stay in place until one of them either gets stronger or weaker, creating an imbalance between the two.

How did the Rex Block get its name? The word “Rex” comes from Daniel F. Rex, the meteorologist who first discovered this phenomena and the word “Block” comes from its ability to stall and keep weather patterns the same for several days.

Since this pattern moves very slowly, you can get flooding in the low pressure system area and short term drought in the high pressure system area. The Rex Block will bring us temperatures in the low and mid 70s with partly cloudy skies up until this weekend when we’ll have our next round of showers moving through Central New York.

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