POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — President Joe Biden visited the IBM facility on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie on Thursday. You can watch his full remarks in the player above.

President Biden spoke about United States manufacturing jobs and the CHIPS and Science Act that was signed into law in August. The act invested $52 billion to subsidize semiconductor chip manufacturing and research. Biden has sought to capitalize on these sorts of investment announcements ahead of November’s elections, most recently traveling to Ohio to speak at the site of Intel Corp’s planned $20 billion semiconductor manufacturing facility.

Biden also spoke about Micron Technology, which announced plans on Tuesday to invest nearly $100 billion over the next 20-plus years to build a semiconductor fabrication facility in New York, which is expected to create nearly 50,000 jobs. The first phase investment of $20 billion will be rolled out this decade.

In a statement, IBM said it is “deeply honored” to host the President. The company said it is looking “forward to highlighting our commitments to the innovations that advance America’s economy.”

On Thursday, the computing company said that it plans to invest $20 billion across the Hudson Valley over the next 10 years. IBM’s Poughkeepsie site is home to one of the largest concentrations of quantum computers in the nation.

IBM said it plans to make its Poughkeepsie site “a global hub of the company’s quantum computing development, just as it is today for mainframes.” IBM did not explicitly lay out its $20 billion investment plans but said chip funding “will ensure a reliable and secure supply of next-generation chips for today’s computers and artificial intelligence platforms.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.