UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Ahead of Biden’s visit to Syracuse this morning, Republican Nominee for NY’s 22nd Congressional District Brandon Williams talked at a press call. In response. Democrat Francis Conole commented with his opinions.  

During the call, Williams broke down advantageous factors of building a manufacturing factory in upstate New York: abundant water resources, reliable transportation, and especially, a plentiful talent pool.

“We have some of the best universities in the world within two hours of the drive here. And we need to keep students who are graduating from districts here in Central New York. I always come across people who say I grow up in Syracuse, I grow up in Utica, and I wish I can come back and raise my family there. I think Micron is a game changer for the next century of innovation manufacturing in Central New York,” said Williams.

Micron announced that it will establish an internship program helping local students begin their careers as engineers, scientists, and other critical roles in the semiconductor industry.

Besides, the benefits went beyond the semiconductor industry by strengthening U.S. technology leadership and national security for decades to come. However, there are a few prerequisites that we need to guarantee: friendly regulations, a stable power grid, and less inflation rate.

Conole emphasized that Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is an important and impactful legislation that keeps moving society forward.

“Passing that has the ability to rebuild our roads, bridges, pipes, expand broadband, and do work to continue to upgrade our grid. I think the move we make to make this society forward is challenging, but it is really done by working together that brings that really allows us to move forward,” said Conole.

Williams urged getting a more reliable energy supply from both state and federal levels.

“We need reliable, affordable, and resilient electrical power. You can’t have manufacturing if there is any chance of a brown-out which we see in Europe because of their disaster energy policy and we are seeing it in California with their disaster energy policy. And we are falling behind on that. We have to turn around the really irresponsible power decision that are being made at the state level and the federal level that jeopardizes the future of our area,” he said.