July rainfall totals are climbing

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More rain and flooding in the Village of Whitesboro

CENTRAL NEW YORK (WUTRWFXV/WPNY-TV) – While the Western U.S. is experiencing exceptional drought and excessive heat, the North East has been slammed with excessive rain and flooding. Here in Central New York we have already doubled the average amount of rainfall for the month of July and more rain is expected. There have only been 5 dry days so far this month. The average rainfall for the month of July in Utica is 4.25 inches though we have already passed that with current rainfall totals over 6 and a half inches! 

Why have we been getting so much rain? It has to do with the jet stream in our atmosphere. A pattern recently set up by the jet stream is allowing for rain showers to consistently flow into our area which is adding up quickly.

Once a large amount of rain falls in a short amount of time, the ground becomes saturated and can’t hold anymore water. When this happens, the risk for flash flooding increases and dangerous situations can arise where roadways and residential areas become flooded. It only takes about 6 inches of rushing water to knock over and carry away an adult and about 12 inches to carry away most small cars. It’s also important to stay out of flood waters even if the water is still because of the threat of wild animals, downed power lines, chemicals and sewage, and debris lurking underwater. If you see flooded roadways or areas, remember “Turn around, don’t drown!”. For more information on flooding and safety tips, you can visit NWS Flash Flood Safety.

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