Early Morning Solar Eclipse On Thursday

Science & Technology

UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) — At approximately 5:21 am on Thursday morning, June 10th when the sun rises over the horizon, a solar eclipse will begin. It will cover the skies in Central New York from approximately 5:21 am to 6:35 am.

During this eclipse, the moon will cover over 3/4th’s of the Sun! The annular phase of this solar eclipse where most of the Sun will be covered by the Moon will be visible from parts of Russia, Greenland, and northern Canada. Central New York will see the partial eclipse which will be visible in areas of Northern Asia, Europe, and the United States.

The maximum of this eclipse (when the Moon is closest to the center of the Sun), will occur at around 5:36 am in Central New York. Since the Sun will be close to the horizon during this time, make sure you have a good clear view to the east-northeast!

In addition to finding a good area to view the eclipse, make sure you have a pair of eclipse glasses to safely watch the event! It’s advised to never look directly at the Sun because you can severely damage your eyes and even go blind if looking at the Sun for too long.

Proper eye protection like eclipse glasses or a Sun filter is the only safe option. Sunglasses don’t work! For more information on the solar eclipse path and how to safely view it, you can click here.

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