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Which Michael Myers costume is best?

Halloween! The very name of the day has become nearly impossible to separate from John Carpenter’s 1978 landmark horror film. So entrenched in pop culture has the ”Halloween” franchise become that even the movie’s score feels like the unofficial theme song of the holiday and its antagonist, Michael Myers, its mascot.  

Myers’ trademark mask, jumpsuit and butcher knife can be spotted on trick-or-treaters and Halloween revelers everywhere you look at this time of year. While the foundational elements of a good Michael Myers costume are simple, it can be hard to choose one of good quality. The Trick Or Treat Studios Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Mask offers an exact copy of the film prop, making it the perfect start to a complete costume.

What to know before you buy a Michael Myers costume

Mask considerations

Michael Myers’ mask is one of the most easily recognized horror props in Hollywood history. Because of this, a costume without it simply won’t work. Myers’ mask covers his entire head and neck. If you are one of the many who get claustrophobic when your face and head are covered, you may wish to select a different character to dress up as. 

Your favorite version of Michael Myers

The ”Halloween” series has spanned a number of sequels, remakes and reboots. Throughout the franchise, Myers’ look has undergone a number of subtle tweaks and modifications. In some films his mask appears weathered or burned, while in others it remains pristinely clean. Consider your favorite version of the character and seek out a costume that meets that aesthetic.


Myers dons a head-to-toe jumpsuit, which can leave little room for an ill fit depending on the size of the wearer. Carefully measure yourself and read the descriptions on any costume you want to purchase to make sure it won’t be inappropriately baggy or too tight to move comfortably in.

What to look for in a quality Michael Myers costume


Because Michael Myers is such a familiar villain, a costume that strays too far from the character’s look on film will be easily noticed. Look for costumes that advertise their attention to detail and make accuracy a priority. 


The original ”Halloween” owes much of its success to its simplicity. Because Myers has so little in the way of props and features, this makes the inclusion and detail of the character’s components all the more important. Costumes that include a mask, jumpsuit and knife can be a great value, but only if you aren’t compelled to replace a piece with an alternative that looks more like what we’ve seen on screen.

Carefully inspect what’s included in your costume to make sure you’ll be satisfied. 


Look for a costume made of quality materials. Your mask should be thick enough to hold its shape, but not so firm that it makes looking around challenging. If you are shopping for a costume that includes a knife, make sure it’s not so flimsy that it flops over or can get permanently bent out of shape. Your jumpsuit should be made from thick material that makes it look as much like actual workwear as possible.


Any time you wear a mask, you should prioritize visibility. However, the nature of Myers’ look only allows for two small eye holes in your mask, so sacrificing your peripheral vision is inevitable. Be sure the mask you select has holes that match your line of sight. You may also want to enlist a partner to help you get around safely while in costume.

How much you can expect to spend on a Michael Myers costume

Expect to pay from $25-$70, with high-quality masks landing on the higher end of the price range.

Michael Myers costume FAQ

Can I build my own Michael Myers costume?

A. Yes. Many people splurge on a good mask, then build the rest of the costume on their own to suit their vision.

Are there Michael Myers costumes for kids?

A. Yes. Michael Myers costumes are available in all sizes, so even little ones can get in on the horror.

What’s the best Michael Myers costume to buy?

Top Michael Myers costume

Best Trick Or Treat Studios Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Mask

Trick or Treat Studios Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Mask

What you need to know: Those in search of an authentic look will find a lot to like in this detailed mask.

What you’ll love: This mask is officially licensed and an exact copy of the one worn by Michael Myers in the 2018 entry into the franchise. It’s made of flexible latex.

What you should consider: Inconsistencies in its quality have been reported, with some buyers getting an item less highly detailed than those received by others.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Michael Myers costume for the money

Best Maxim Party Supplies Adult Halloween Killer Deluxe Costume

Maxim Party Supplies Adult Halloween Killer Deluxe Costume

What you need to know: While not officially licensed, this costume includes everything you need to wreak havoc in Haddonfield.

What you’ll love: This costume is available in three sizes and includes a mask with hair, a jumpsuit and a plastic knife. The jumpsuit has a zippered pocket so you can discreetly carry your ID or other small belongings.

What you should consider: Those looking for a film-accurate depiction of Michael Myers may be disappointed, as the included jumpsuit has a silky, shiny look. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best 2022 Michael Myers Mask

2022 Michael Myers Mask

What you need to know: This latex mask is great for people who already have the rest of their costume figured out.

What you’ll love: You can choose from three  versions of Michael’s mask, two of which have realistic-looking hair. If you want more visibility or ventilation, you can carefully enlarge the eye holes with scissors.

What you should consider: Some buyers report that this mask becomes misshapen during shipment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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