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Which Captain Marvel Funko Pop is best?

Funko Pop figurines are an adorable and affordable way to show love for your favorite characters from pop culture, especially superheroes. These small collectible figurines depict all that looks and famous scenes from films and shows, including the wildly popular Marvel Comics.

One of the more popular superheroes is Captain Marvel, a beloved character on the page and more recently on screen. This Funko Pop Marvel: Avengers Endgame – Captain Marvel is a top pick, showing the exciting color and detail that Funko can achieve. However, it’s one of many options available from which to choose for those seeking the best Captain Marvel Funko.

What to know before you buy a Captain Marvel Funko Pop

What is a Funko Pop toy?

Standing at just under 4 inches, Funko Pop toys are collectible figurines featuring exaggerated characteristics that make a cute and eye-catching addition to any space. They do not feature any points of articulation and as such, are solely for display. They are made of durable vinyl and come at a low price, so while some consumers may opt for one or two toys, while others seek to amass a vast collection.


Funko looks to certain movies or TV shows for inspiration, pulling from specific scenes and isolated moments. While Captain Marvel has only appeared in two films in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, plenty of options are available for fans. What’s more, some toys are inspired by storylines from the comics, while others are unique offerings for dedicated fans. 

There are over 20 Funko Pop figurines inspired directly from the film “Captain Marvel” and some featuring Carol from “Avengers: Endgame.”


Funko sells toys on its website as well as with a variety of retail partners. However, most toys are sold exclusively by one specific retailer, so consumers may not be able to choose where to buy their desired figurine. Other toys may have been sold exclusively in person at an expo or event. If you missed out, you might be able to find them online from those reselling the item.

What to look for in a quality Captain Marvel Funko Pop


As Funko Pop vinyl toys are meant to be put on display. Some boast an exciting finish or color coating that makes them stand out. For example, chrome is a popular coating, as is sepia and black-and-white. Concerning Captain Marvel specifically, there are glow-in-the-dark models as well as vinyls with a neon finish.

Venomized Captain Marvel

Funko offers a variety of curious Marvel figurines that merge the looks of popular characters for something unique. Most characters, including Captain Marvel, have a “Venomized” version in which they are paired with the violent alien symbiote from Spider-Man’s fame, Venom. At the moment, unlike many other Marvel superheroes, Captain Marvel does not have a zombie version.

Specialty Series

Captain Marvel features in the Ride Funko series as well as a unique combo pack. Funko’s Ride collection showcases a character on some mode of transportation: in this case, it’s Carol on a motorcycle, inspired by “Captain Marvel.” She also appears in a combo set with Chun-Li, a notable character from the Street Fighter video game series, as part of a Marvel vs. Capcom celebration.

How much can you expect to spend on Captain Marvel Funko Pop

Most Funko Pop toys cost $10-$15, although the price may vary based on rarity and exclusivity, with more sought-after models fetching a higher cost.

Captain Marvel Funko Pop FAQ

What is Funko Pop Chase variants?

A. Chase variants are rare, slightly altered versions of a specific toy. Only certain Funko Pop toys have a variant, and they aren’t the easiest to obtain. If buying from a trusted retail partner, consumers will be told whether a potential variant is available of the specific toy. If one exists, there is a one-in-six chance that it will be sent to the consumer instead of the main version. For those specifically seeking chase variants, there are a couple inspired by “Captain Marvel.” You may be able to buy them from a reseller for a higher price.

When will the new Captain Marvel Funko come out?

A. Funko does a great job at releasing new toys concurrently with new content. In some cases, they may tease a release months before a film or release new toys after the story has been seen to avoid spoiling big reveals and surprise endings. While Marvel is regularly churning out new shows and films, the next Captain Marvel movie, “The Marvels,” doesn’t come out until February 2023, so don’t expect any Funkos until around then. However, there is always a chance Carol shows up in the Disney+ series “Ms. Marvel,” and a new Funko could be made if she does.

What’s the best Captain Marvel Funko Pop to buy?

Top Captain Marvel Funko Pop

Endgame Captain Marvel

Marvel: Avengers Endgame – Captain Marvel with New Hair

What you need to know: This Captain Marvel figurine is inspired by her dramatic entrance and exciting battle at the end of “Avengers: Endgame.”

What you’ll love: This Captain Marvel vinyl shows off the powerful hero as she battles Thanos and his army. It features her new short haircut and eye-catching suit covered in energy.

What you should consider: It lacks her cool-looking mask that completes the costume.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Captain Marvel Funko Pop for the money

Gingerbread Captain Marvel

Marvel: Gingerbread Captain Marvel

What you need to know: This holiday-themed Funko is irreverent and entertaining, perfect for lighthearted fans seeking something unique and fun for the festive season.

What you’ll love: Captain Marvel Gingerbread is part of a new holiday series of cute and colorful figurines of Marvel heroes and villains. It is inexpensive and unique.

What you should consider: The novelty look may not be for everyone or as an all-year display.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out


Marvel: Captain Marvel – Vers Toy

What you need to know: One of the earliest visions of Captain Marvel on-screen, this figurine shows off Vers in her Kree suit before realizing her full potential.

What you’ll love: Carol Danvers, unclear about her past, is here in the Kree warrior suit she begins with at the start of the “Captain Marvel” film. The green color is eye-catching, setting a template for her latter outfit.

What you should consider: It lacks the classic look some fans may be seeking.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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