I pledge Allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands
one nation under God, indivisible
with liberty and justice for all

We are partnering up with local elementary schools to record them reciting the Pledge of Allegiance! This will air on WUTR during ABC’s Good Morning America throughout the school year between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00am.

Listed below are the schools that are participating so far. To schedule a classroom/school not yet on the list, please call the station at 315-797-5220!

Broadcast Dates

Please click on a school to view their Daily Pledge of Allegiance video.

Central Valley (Barringer Road Elementary)N/A1-4October 21st
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. GraziadeiPre-KOctober 22nd
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. BickKDGOctober 23rd
Marcy ElementaryMrs. ZielenskiGrade 2October 24th
Westmoreland Road ElementaryN/AGrade 5October 25th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. CommissoGrade 6 October 28th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. OberliesGrade 5October 29th
Marcy ElementaryMrs. FioriniGrade 3October 30th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. SeamonGrade 3October 31st
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. McLeanGrade 2November 1st
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary) Mrs. KraegerKDGNovember 4th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central School Mrs. GratesGrade 3November 5th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMr. Ferrone & Mrs. HullarGrade 2November 6th
Waterville Elementary SchoolN/ANovember 7th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary) Mr. TuttleGrade 4November 8th
Marcy Elementary Mrs. OczkowskiGrade 2November 11th
Clinton Elementary School Mrs. PominvilleGrade 5November 12th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central School Mrs. TrievelGrade 3November 13th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary) Mrs. GrayGrade 1November 14th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central School Mrs. DeLuke-PuleoGrade 2November 15th
Town of Webb SchoolMrs. FentonGrade 1November 18th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. TickleGrade 2 November 19th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. PalmisanoKDGNovember 20th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs.CheseboroGrade 5November 21st
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. IrwinGrade 3November 22nd
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. FazioGrade 4November 25th
Marcy ElementaryMrs. WilsonGrade 2 November 26th
Town of Webb SchoolMs. GiblinGrade 3November 27th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMr. MoraccoGrade 1November 28th
Clinton Elementary SchoolN/AKDGNovember 29th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. DeFabioKDGDecember 2nd
Clinton Elementary SchoolN/AGrade 4December 3rd
Town of Webb SchoolMr. BestGrade 5December 4th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. CastronovoGrade 1December 5th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMs. AbramsGrade 1December 6th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. RobertsKDGDecember 9th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. DawesGrade 2December 10th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. SerianniGrade 4December 11th
Town of Webb SchoolMrs. BurnsGrade 4December 12th
Benton Hall AcademyN/AGrade 2December 13th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. BowerGrade 1December 16th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. MickleGrade 3December 17th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. HumphreyKDGDecember 18th
Clinton Elementary School Mrs. SmithGrade 4December 19th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. GadbowGrade 5December 20th
Town of Webb SchoolMrs. SchoenGrade 2December 23rd
Clinton Elementary School Mrs. StilzGrade 1December 24th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary) Mr. JaneGrade 6December 25th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMs. PatreisGrade 1December 27th
Town of Webb SchoolsMs. RunningerKDGDecember 30th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. ShankGrade 2December 31st
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. BillardGrade 1January 1st
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. FeducciaGrade 4January 2nd
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. MeissKDGJanuary 3rd
Clinton Elementary SchoolMiss. DipietroGrade 1January 6th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. Zarnoch-RileyGrade 2January 7th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. GarbryGrade 2January 8th
Town of Webb Schools – RerunMrs. BurnsGrade 4January 9th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMs. MercerGrade 3January 10th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. ScialdoGrade 4January 13th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. CrayGrade 2January 14th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMs. SullivanGrade 5January 15th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. RoyGrade 3January 16th
Frankfort-Schuyler Central SchoolMrs. VitiGrade 5January 17th
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. DunnGrade 3January 20th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. WaskiewiczGrade 2January 21st
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. KarasGrade 3January 22nd
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary) – Rerun Mrs. SerianniGrade 4January 23rd
Clinton Elementary SchoolMrs. HeintzGrade 4January 24th
Notre Dame ElementaryN/AKDGJanuary 27th
Notre Dame Elementary N/A Grade 1January 28th
Notre Dame Elementary N/A Grade 2January 29th
Notre Dame Elementary N/A Grade 3&4January 30th
Notre Dame Elementary N/A Grade 5&6January 31st
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mrs. IslandGrade 5February 3rd
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary)Mr. Wright Grade 5 February 4th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary) – Re-runMrs. CommissoGrade 6February 5th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary) – Re-runMrs. IrwinGrade 3February 6th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran Elementary) – Re-runMrs. SerianniGrade 4February 7th
Deerfield ElementaryMs. Arcuri & Mr. NittiN/AFebruary 10th
Waterville Elementary – Re-runN/AN/AFebruary 11th
Marcy Elementary – Re-run Mrs. OczkowskiGrade 2February 12th
Marcy Elementary – Re-runMrs. FioriniGrade 3February 13th
Marcy Elementary – Re-run Mrs. ZielenskiGrade 2February 14th
Town of Webb School – Re-runMrs. FentonGrade 1February 17th
Town of Webb School – Re-run Mrs. SchoenGrade 2February 18th
Town of Webb School – Re-run Ms. GiblinGrade 3February 19th
Town of Webb School – Re-run Mrs. BurnsGrade 4February 20th
Town of Webb School – Re-run Mr. BestGrade 5February 21st
Clinton Elementary School – Re-runMiss. DipietroGrade 1February 24th
Clinton Elementary School – Re-run N/AGrade 2February 25th
Clinton Elementary School – Re-run Miss. MercerGrade 3February 26th
Clinton Elementary School – Re-run Ms. SmithGrade 4February 27th
Clinton Elementary School – Re-run Mrs. PominvilleGrade 5February 28th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran) – Re-runMrs. BowersGrade 1March 2nd
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran) – Re-run Mrs. WaskiewiczGrade 2March 3rd
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran) – Re-run Mrs. SeamonGrade 3March 4th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran)– Re-run Mrs. FazioGrade 4March 5th
Oriskany (N.A. Walbran) – Re-run Ms. GadbowGrade 5March 6th
Stokes Elementary Mrs. KeatingGrade 6March 9th
Stokes ElementaryMrs. LaLondeGrade 6 March 10th
Benton Hall Academy – RerunN/AGrade 2March 11th
Frankfort-Schuyler SchoolMrs. RoccoGrade 1March 12th
Frankfort-Schuyler School – RerunMrs. ShankGrade 2March 13th
Frankfort-Schuyler School – RerunMrs. McleanGrade 2March 16th
Frankfort-Schuyler School – RerunMrs. DeLuke-PuleoGrade 2March 17th
Frankfort-Schuyler School – RerunMrs. FeducciaGrade 4March 18th
Frankfort-Schuyler School – RerunMrs. VitiGrade 5March 19th
Frankfort-Schuyler School – RerunMiss. SullivanGrade 5March 20th