Stopping Watt Leads Bills Gameplan Vs Texans

NFL Buffalo

For the second straight week, the Bills find themselves taking on an AFC opponent riding a 4-game winning streak. Unlike the Chiefs, the Houston Texans boast one ace that no team in the NFL has been able to stop: JJ Watt.

The MVP candidate currently leads the NFL in sacks (13.5), tackles for loss (23), and quarterback hits (41).

“He is probably the top player in the league,” said Bills head coach Rex Ryan. “Right now, they’re rolling pretty good. Hopefully we can do something about that, to knock them down a peg this week.”

Preventing sacks has been difficult for the Bills offense with mobile quarterback Tyrod Taylor and his penchant for keeping plays alive on his feet. The Bills have given up 30 sacks this season, 11th best in the AFC, 24th in the NFL.

“If we let him get going, let him start making tackles, starting hitting the quarterback, it’s a snowball effect,” said Bills left guard Richie Incognito. “He builds confidence and he’ll go out and ruin games. We’ve seen him on tape this year where he absolutely dominates and shuts down games.”

The Bills offensive line and quarterback aren’t the only ones on lookout for Watt. Even those at skill positions need to stay alert.

“We just got to go out there, have fun and play. Take the challenge. Go out there and cut him a couple of times, go out and hit him in the mouth,” said wide receiver Sammy Watkins. “You see #99 [Watt], #90 [Jadeveon Clowney] coming off the edge so in your head you want to speed things up quicker. You want to run your routes faster because you know you only have half, two, three seconds sometimes.”

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