Star Lotulelei: The ‘star maker’

NFL Buffalo

Star Lotulelei has the wrong name.

He does the dirty work on defense that allows everyone else to make big plays.

As Lorenzo Alexander said last spring: “He’s a star maker.”

“If you look him on paper you’re like ehhhh okay, he’s all right. But, when you watch the film, the guys that he makes better around him is immense,” added Alexander.

“I don’t mind opening other things up for other people,” said Lotulelei, “At the same time, we got a bunch of great guys on this group that, in return, will open things up for myself, too.”

Better known as a run defender, the Bills think Lotulelei can also provide a pass rush up the middle. They hope he’ll be a three down linchpin.

“He can definitely be a stabilizer for us inside. Which we need. We need that,” explained defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. “We need a guy with some girth and some power to help provide that force. That was a big signing for us.”

“He’s going to be a guy that you’re kinda going to overlook because he’s in the nose. It’s not a sexy position. But, believe me I’m appreciating him and I’ll be giving him some gifts and some dinners at the end of this year,” laughed Alexander.

Lotulelei says he’s always been a fan of Kyle Williams. Last offseason, when Star was looking for a new team, he said playing with Kyle was a ”selling point.” So far, the experience has lived up to the hype.

“I like to go up and ask him a lot of questions. Kyle is real good when he sees something that maybe I didn’t see, or something he thinks I need help with. He’ll come up to me and we’ll go over stuff,” Lotulelei said.

“I’ve seen the guy play from a far for a long time,” Williams said. “Him having the respect for how I play and how I’ve done things and wanting to come be a part of it and be a part of this community and this organization. That says a lot.”

“Up front, I’ve think we’ve got one of the best units in the league. I really do believe that,” said Lotulelei.

At the very least, no defensive line will have have as many… Star’s.

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