Rex Ryan and the Bills downplay media reports and 0-2 start

NFL Buffalo

Two games, two losses and now the Bills are onto to offensive coordinator number two.

Buffalo’s chaotic training camp of suspension, injures and arrests has since spilled over into a sluggish start the regular season.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that the Bills ownership met with players before the decision to relieve Greg Roman of his duties, and that Head Coach Rex Ryan was not present.

“That happens all the time. I feel fortunate that our owners—they talk to our players, they talk to everybody. I can tell you this; I’m in full support of our owners and at the end of the day,” downplayed Ryan.

Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins echoed his coach, saying that these conversations are pretty common and that ”they probably happen with other teams as well.”

Ryan says he doesn’t feel any pressure about his job but noted that he was as low as he’s ever been over the weekend, falling to 0-2 for the first time in his twenty year coaching career.

As the pressure and scrutiny intensifies from the national media, inside the locker room players say it’s business as usual.

“I feel like when I read media reports it feels like a lot more crisis than we feel within the building. Sitting around watching the games yesterday and I read like eight different reports about what went down Friday, only we know the truth.  It didn’t feel as hectic as everyone made it seem,” laughed Bills center Eric Wood. 

Rex Ryan also made light of the sources saying, “People can say whatever they want, that’s the beautiful thing about this country, you can say exactly what you want. Do I believe some of the reports that are out there? No. There’s a lot of them that I know are—I’m not going to throw the letters out there—but I know that some are ridiculous. But that’s okay and I understand it comes with it. It comes with the territory, when you’re 0-2”

Veteran Kyle Williams says this, or the last few months won’t be a distraction, and added that, “when you’ve been around the league long enough, nothing really surprises you.”

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