Pregame scuffle fired up the Bills vs the Patriots

NFL Buffalo

What have we learned today? The Bills don’t like to be disrespected.

Buffalo felt New England was out of line with some of their pregame preparations that ultimately lead to an altercation where players and coaches had to be separated before kick off.

Once the game was finally underway the Bills played their best game of the season and were able to hand the Patriots there first loss of the year.

Robert Blanton was the first to shove the Patriots Jacoby Brisset and Malcolm Mitchell said, “We were warming up doing out normal DB routine and we were running down there and two guys are running through and two Patriots guys are running through our DB drill and it can hurt somebody because were DB were back peddling we cant see them so I’m like hey don’t run through our drills its disrespectful and they come back and they run through our drill.”
“It actually pumped us up because we came out very reserved like we always do you know calm but when he did that it put a fire under us and we came out there with some fire and were like we’re not going to let anyone disrespect us no matter where we are,” added Nickel Robey-Coleman
The Bills move back to .500 with some winnable games ahead of them at Los Angeles before hosting San Francisco and traveling to Miami. 

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