McCoy moving on from nightclub incident

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Although LeSean McCoy was never charged after a nightclub brawl in Philadelphia, the Bills running back is hoping to not relive that night and all that came afterward.

“As a leader, the guy that I want to be for this team, things like that just can’t happen” said McCoy, talking to the WNY media for the first time since last season ended. “There’s no excuses for it.”

On February 7th, a brawl broke out at a Philadelphia nightclub involving McCoy, his friends, and a group of off-duty police officers. Both the Philadelphia District Attorney and the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s office decided not to file charges on anyone involved.

“I was honest and I was right,” said McCoy. “I didn’t do anything wrong. Nothing came out of it. It just sucks that your name gets dragged into so much negative press for just being in a situation that you had nothing to do with.”

“He wants to be great, there’s no question about it,” head coach Rex Ryan said. “He doesn’t want to put his team in a negative light. I think he sees that.”

During Friday’s press conference, McCoy said he appreciated the support from Kim and Terry Pegula as the aftermath unfolded.

“He asked me what happened exactly, I told him, and that was really it,” said McCoy. “I was happy that he was understanding about it. I’m blessed to be in a situation like this where my owners are understanding.”

The Bills went through conditioning tests at St. John Fisher College on Friday to begin training camp. The first practice session is Saturday at 10am.

McCoy says he went “Rocky” with his offseason training. He went home to Harrisburg and got down to 210 pounds. He says its the lightest he’s been to start a camp since 2010. 

“Put all the Bentleys and Rolls-Royces away and got to work,” McCoy said. “I got lots to prove this year. Lot of people doubting me and doubting this team, this offense. I’m big into answering a lot of doubters.”

That makes Rex excited. 

“What might have been a down year for him (last year), we all looked as ‘this guy was awesome, he was a fantastic player for us’,” Ryan said. “This is going to be scary because if he can play much better than he did last year, we’ll sign up for that.”

On the passing of his father Buddy, Rex Ryan admitted, “it’s been rough”, but said he learned something about his dad the final few days, days that must have been hard on Buddy.

“Dad never complained,” Rex said. “I knew he was tough, but this guys like historic tough.”

An epitaph only Rex Ryan could deliver. 

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