Bills support Incognito, investigation ongoing

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The Bills have begun their own investigation into why Jaguars defensive tackle Yannick Ngakoue accused Richie Incognito of using a racial slur during Buffalo’s wild card loss last Sunday.

Brandon Beane said Tuesday the Bills support Richie Incognito, but confirmed that something did happen. 

“There was definitely an exchange. I think there was a misunderstanding of what was said,” Beane said.

Incognito has reached out to Ngakoue on his own to, presumably, clear the air. Beane intimated the issue may have spawned from run of the mill trash talk.

“From what I understand, it was a little bit of on the field stuff, back and forth,” Beane said.

The original accusation came from a tweet Ngakoue sent late Sunday night. 

Ngakoue stood by his tweet on Monday, saying he’s never before heard the term Incognito used. However, Ngakoue would not reveal exactly what was said. 

None of the other Jaguars defensive players confirmed they heard anything that crossed racial lines, but many did say they thought the level of trash talk from the Bills was strategic. The Jags believe Sean McDermott wanted the Bills to rattle Jacksonville players verbally.

“They won the game. The whole situation is very unfortunate,” McDermott said in response. “I’ll leave it at that.”

Beane says the Bills will follow proper protocol with a league investigation ongoing as well. The Bills general manager has already spoken with some of Incognito’s teammates as well.

While it’s too early to speculate on how this incident could impact Incognito’s future, the Bills will not ignore it. 

“Anytime you have accusation like that you take it seriously,” Beane said. “We’ve spoken to Richie and we understand his side of the story. We’re still gathering facts.”

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